SVN 2015

In the 2015 annual convention SVN (Salão de Viagens de Negócio) organised by the TravelStore Group we went beyond and rebranded the event and gave it a new concept.

The client

TravelStore is a business solutions group that specialises in business travels and marketing experiences.

The task

The challenge was to create a new visual image and concept for the 2015 edition of SVN (Salão de Viagens de Negócio) - an one-day conference about business travels and solutions.

The concept

The 2015 concept was "Go Portugal" and this was the turning point to create an energetic and yet clean image that was used for both digital and physical material.

The digital campaign

To take the event's concept beyond we worked on the digital campaign for social media and email marketing. With this the event was promoted in a more direct and cleaner way.