5 Meia Noite Tv Activation

This is Smartbox's activation project in the TV talk-show "5 para a meia noite".

The client

Smartbox is a brand of pre-packaged gift experiences.

The task

Smartbox was growing in the market but felt It was lacking brand awareness and recognition from possible new consumers. Therefore they set up some valuable screen-time at RTP's new late night talk show and asked us to create the concept and content of this above the line activation.

The concept

We took upon the challenge presented by the brand and defined a product placement strategy that would simultaneously be subtle and effective. We took two of the five hosts of the show (Pedro Fernandes and Luis Borges) and "pit" them against each other in fun challenges that would envolve Smartbox's experiences. Each week, a different challenge: that way people at home could see first hand how fun, relaxing or adventurous an experience can be.

The results

Smartbox's gift pack sales increased almost 15% after the weekly segments aired.