Katia Guerreiro

CD + DVD Olympia

This is KATIA GUERREIRO's live dvd project. We designed the cd and dvd's packaging and all the promotional material such as outdoors and online advertising.

The client

Katia Guerreiro is one of the most popular Fado singers in Portugal. With more than 10 years in the music industry, 8 albums edited and thousands of live shows under her belt, she sold out the Olympia Coliseum in Paris for an exclusive live concert that was then released in a CD and DVD.

The task

We were asked to design the dvd's packaging: cover, booklet and other promotional material for both traditional (outdoors) and online (Facebook page layout) advertising.

The concept

The briefing requested an inspiration in the lettering of the very famous neon lights at Olympia's entrance as well as the cover of Amália's live album at the same venue.