Do you know how to say Huawei?

This is an activation project created to raise Huawei's brand awareness and promote the new website.

The client

Huawei Technologies is a multinational telecommunications services company and it is also the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world.

The task

Huawei came to us with a challenge: How to communicate the new official Portuguese website in a different and creative way?

The concept

We acknowledge the fact that a lot of consumers had trouble saying the brand's name and used that as a way to communicate the brand itself. We took MegaHits's radio host Filipa Galrão to the streets of Lisbon and she quizzed people about the name. Then we created a contest in the radio station website that required participants to record a video with the possibility of winning a basket of prizes.

The results

The video for the vox-pop interviews had more than 14 thousand views on Youtube and the contest surpassed any other made by MegaHits, with more than one hundred participants. Overall, this brand activation was recognised as a fun and creative way to communicate Huawei's name and website.