Colgate Max White / G.Dane

Street Activation

This is Colgate's Smile Machine project.

The client

Colgate is an oral hygiene brand that tops the toothpaste and toothbrush markets.

The task

The brand wanted to re-introduce its "Max White" product line, making an eye-catching unconventional campaign.

The concept

We decided to think "outside the box" and that led us to create an actual box: the Smile Machine, a vending machine with an automatic smile recognition system that photographed people and gave away free product samples when they smiled.

The results

The Smile Machine was installed in Lisbon and Braga and it made quite a splash in both cities. Passers showed genuine interest in the brand's Max White product line and in the box itself. It was definitely one of our favourite projects and, based on the client's feedback, it paid off in the end.