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Branding + Communication | Travelsore. The Group gathers different business solutions with innovation, resorting to last generation technological platforms concerning business trips management and corporate events organization.

Effective communication strategies implemented for the Group as well as all specialized units within its network, ensuring cohesive and consistent messaging throughout the organization

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Xmas video

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“We are leading business travel and experiential marketing by far. But… (you need to come closer to understand why.)

Come closer to the Travelstore Group. The business travel leader with solutions for all your meetings and events. Get into the American Express world, meet our Pharma events experts and be amazed with Emotionstore’s out of the box ideas. Discover how Allways take care of your employees vacations and find out more about our Mozambique’s growing unit Dana. Come closer to the Business Travel and Experiential Marketing leader.”


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A solution for all events.

We work with all kinds of events for the pharmaceutical and medical devices field from beginning to end. We Lab Pharma Engineering, a business unit from Travelstore Group, specialized in the application of programmes and integrated managemente metrics of meetings and events. We analize, structure and interveene in all dimensions. We are event engineers.”

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Be relevant and interesting enough for the young people to want to join us.

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Part of our work is to know the world. We travel to make sure a decisive meeting is successful, an event goes perfectly or an experience becomes unforgettable. The world keeps on having many secrets to us. We are glad it does, because we love to unveil them everyday.”

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We don’t organize events, we imagine experiences that last forever. From concept to implementation, going through partner management, we take care of everything to make sure there is more than a happy ending. We are passionate about creativity and our events show all about that creativity.”

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We have some of the best professionals in the travel and events area, but none of them is more important than the team. Nothing is more important than the group of men and women that everyday ensure the Traverlstore Group’s responsible leadership. Our stars shine more because they shine together. We keep the commitment when searching personalized solutions for each client and we continue to pay attention to the market’s tendencies and demands.”