Technical yellow

Itechwords provides multilingual translation services, technical interpretation, web page location and others. We defined yellow as the visual element that involves an affirmative logo and an engaging mood mark.

The brand

The yellow shades surround the sympathetic “W” (words). The groove that resembles a mouth represents the “i” (from itech). “Technical Translation” directly illustrates the brand’s services.

Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival
2019 | São Jorge

iTechwords is one of the main sponsors of the Lisbon Motorcycle Film Festival. We’ve created a promotional activation on social media and a 30″ spot for cinema.  

Social media

is the main channel

In Russian, “Ron” means “goal”. Are we just the ones who think it might bode well? 

Decoding the service

Noting the importance of professional translation in a fun and engaging way it has been the itechwords’ social media drive.


The goal is to involve the community in a relevant way by promoting the brand and create engaging content (for example, summer vacation games).