What do you need?

Brand strategy, brand communication, 360º campaign, tv, radio, print or outdoor advertising, full event design, event strategy, production, catering and location managing, digital strategy, website, social media, newsletters, guerrilla marketing, brand activation, roadshow, stand, office design, store design, PLV materials, gifts, flyers, business cards, incentives programs, keynote presentation, direct marketing, etc. We can design everything you need. We believe in strategic goals, getting there is just a detail.

About us

We were born in Lisbon, January 2010. Like the virus, we look for fast organic replicable ideas. We believe in straight talk and that’s why you always talk directly to one of our designers. It’s a completely different process, with no commercial accounts in the middle. We also have optimised our client’s communication flow through our own Virus platform.

What we do


We design strategies, corporate identities and communication environments that support your brand’s vision and values.
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We design end to end events and create special brand activation that engages the target.
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We design full communication strategies that focus on business goals and brand values relevancy.
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How we do it


We’re a creative agency managed by creatives at every single level, including our client relationship. Unlike most agencies, at Influenza r the client works directly with the creative team. Briefings and feedbacks are managed by the same people who create the proposals. We delete the traditional contact department to ensure that no information is lost in the internal information flow. Every briefing is analysed by the entire team and then allocated to a specific project manager, from end to end.

Virus platform

Virus is our straight talk platform. You can add briefings, follow your creative proposal’s status and check your reports. This is a great tool to build brand communication consistency, efficiency and assertiveness. Ask for a client login.


Your Workflow is where you can view your brand’s general working plan. You can go through your creative proposals.


This is important. A systematised briefing will get you a more assertive creative response, because we will get it right the first time.

Social Media

Here you can check your social media posting plan. It’s a calendar dedicated to your channel accounts. Click, comment and approve posts directly.


Follow the hours we spend on each project. You can make your accountability every time you need.

Let's talk

You can send us a message or an email, you can call us directly or just drop by our warehouse in Marvila.  

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Rua de São José 224, 1º andar 1150-327 Lisboa
Tel: + 351 934 101 225   Email: influenzar@influenzar.com

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